​Daktronics Releases Data Studio Ahead of Basketball Season

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Oct. 17, 2019 – Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, announces today the release of Data Studio to automate the integration of dynamic data into video display content for live event and commercial applications. Data Studio complements the company's Show Control and Venus Control Suite production solutions and is also available to pull non-sport-specific data into a presentation such as weather and news feeds.

Released for the 2019-20 basketball season, Data Studio | Basketball is available in editions covering both professional and collegiate basketball. It pulls all stats from NGSS as well as NCAA LiveStats (Genius Sports) to offer the statistics needed at both levels of competition. The collegiate version of Data Studio will be available in October with updates and improvements being implemented through January.

"This is a fast and flexible solution that can provide stats for both levels of basketball competition, and customers only need to select the version necessary for their events," said Bill Hadsell, Daktronics product manager. "As navigating the ever-increasing amount of data available becomes more difficult and time-consuming to manage, this offering makes a producer's job easier while making their overall production more effective at the same time."

Data Studio helps event producers and host venues capture data coming from multiple sources, organize that data and deliver that data to their video displays for fans to see during live events. The interface includes a live view of incoming data sources and offers the ability to dynamically select and output the data into their content on the video displays.

"We took direct advice and feedback from our customers to help design this new product," added Hadsell. "Now, operators can view and interact with the data source in real-time, recognize statistical trends and use what they see to tell a better story for their fans. And that's what this product is all about, helping operators provide a better game-day experience using the data they have in front of them."

Data Studio is compatible with LED displays, fixed-digit scoreboards and third-party data sources.