Daktronics Outfits CJ Hanam Starfield With LED Video Display

294-square-meter display engages audiences at shopping center

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Mar. 14, 2019 – CJ Hanam Starfield, a grand shopping center located in Seoul, Korea, recently installed a new LED video feature that was designed, manufactured and installed by Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT). The 294-square-meter display is located in the main atrium with heavy foot traffic to engage with shoppers and passersby.

The display features 3.9-millimeter line spacing and measures 21 meters high by 14 meters wide as it curves around both sides for additional appeal to spectators. It draws in the eyes of viewers due to its size and crisp, clear imagery. It is capable of showing live and recorded video along with other graphics and advertising messages to support retail establishments in the shopping center.

"Daktronics has been present in the South Korea market for over ten years with our partners KKI focusing on professional sports and Out of Home markets with the majority of projects being outdoor displays," said Matt Evers, Daktronics regional sales representative. "With the introduction of our new QVN series, we are now successful in the indoor market. The display quality and size is very impressive. KKI did a great job with the installation. CJ Hanam is a great reference for Daktronics and KKI."

Along with promotional content, the display can also be used for special events held within the atrium area. It is capable of serving as a backdrop or interactive part of the event, depending on what is desired by the venue. It can be sectioned to show multiple pieces of content at once or can be used as a full, spectacular digital canvas.

In shopping centers and other retail spaces, Daktronics offers displays with varying pixels spacings to appeal to these up-close viewing applications. For more information, visit www.daktronics.com/shoppingcenters.