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The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing changes upon businesses daily. Grocery stores can use this as an opportunity to evolve their business and grow their sales.


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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses face uncertainty and limited operational capabilities. As a grocery store, you have the privilege of remaining open, and you can use this time to boost your sales and build your store’s presence in your community.

Grocery stores are seeing lots of changes in multiple aspects of their business. Whether it’s an increase in demand for online shopping, new business hours and operations, or a shift in product demands, you need to be ready to adjust to these changes.

Online Shopping

Since the beginning of stay-at-home laws in early March, the grocery-delivery service Instacart saw a 150% increase in orders, and Amazon’s grocery orders rose by 50%.1

With this transition to virtual shopping, your business may consider adding a user-friendly online shopping experience to maintain your sales. Adjusting your typical operations enables customers to buy their groceries from you while following stay-at-home orders.

Changing Business Model

Under new laws and regulations, you likely made some changes in your hours, services, and operations. This is a great time to assess your business model and improve it for more flexibility moving forward.

Using a digital sign outside your store is one of the most effective and efficient ways to communicate these changes with your customers. Without having to call or enter your store, people can see your new hours, how to pick up their online orders, if you require a mask, or any other updates customers should know about. You could also advertise your online or ordering options if you have them.

Improving your social media presence is also a great way to get your store’s information to your community and develop a deeper connection with your customers.

New Product Demands

As the situation evolves, so do product demands. From toilet paper to hand sanitizer to meat and produce shortages, people will jump at any opportunity to purchase a few of these items.

If you have these items in stock, let your customers know by advertising them on a digital display or your social media pages. This will draw them into your store, where they will likely make other purchases. When you run out of those items, digital signs make it quick and easy to remove those ads from your display.

Considering Purchasing a LED Display?

See installations similar to what you would have at your store and explore digital solution options. If you’d like to see an LED display outside your store, set up free virtual or distance demo!

1Ian Bogost, “The Supermarket After the Pandemic,” The Atlantic, April 17, 2020.