Students Manage Operations at Football Games

During home football games, it’s easy to see the effort put in by the players. What isn’t as easy to see is the effort put in by the students running major parts of the event itself.


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Have you ever thought of what all goes into game day efforts? Chances are, you recognize that the players practice beforehand, the referees ready themselves and the band rehearses their music. But what about things that we don’t notice that might be the most visible of all, like the video display?

Northwest ISD’s Creative Media Production Academy is a busy place. In a previous article published by Northwest ISD, readers are treated to a taste of a day in the life of students in the broadcast classes. These teenagers man everything from cameras to the school’s sound equipment, and do so live. No sweat, right?

Not only do the students learn how to use the equipment, they acquire real-world skills to take beyond high school. The same equipment used at professional stadiums can be found at high schools across the nation, providing training exercises for up and coming graduates.

A prime example is a former Northwest ISD student who now serves in a game day control room support position for the Pittsburgh Steelers and University of Pittsburgh at Heinz Field.

Are you thinking about the possibilities? For more inspiration, take a look at this video of the Northwest ISD student production team and their video display in action.