Round of Applause for Our 2021 Diamond and Platinum Award-Winning Sign Companies

We want to congratulate these sign companies who achieved diamond and platinum statuses this year. We are proud to call you our partners!


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We’d like to recognize a few of the companies that fought through the adversity, achieving Diamond and Platinum Award sales statuses. Daktronics is proud to call these companies our partners and congratulates them on their success: EMI Signs, YESCO, Federal Heath, SignResource Identity Group, Indigo Signs, La Crosse Sign Group, and Persona.

A combination of foresight and flexibility has been the key for us all over the past year or two.

Taylor Nilson, On-Premise Market Manager

Here is what a few of our partners said contributed to their success in 2021:

EMI Signs

EMI Signs’ CEO Rod Wilson has a long history with Daktronics. He has been with us since the beginning, as Daktronics 17th employee, before branching off to start EMI Signs in 1984. EMI took the lemons of 2021 and made lemonade. Wilson explains, “whether in times of crisis or periods of success, businesses need to communicate with their customers, and we’ve been fortunate to provide our clients with the tools to keep their business growing and help them reach more customers in a dynamic way.”

Indigo Signs, Inc

According to John Danio, the key to an effective display is the pairing of static and digital signage. Indigo Signs has proven their expertise on the static side, and they wanted to bring in a trusted partner to help with the digital; they chose Daktronics almost 30 years ago. “Our success has been the experience…on the fabrication and install side.” That success is leading them to expand their business in the next year, reaching new locations.

Federal Heath

Over the last year, Federal Heath took note of the rising popularity of interior signage in the convenience store industry. Using displays both indoors and out, they worked with their customers to create exciting, cohesive shopping experiences. Tim Smith explains the key to their success as a sign company is “a combination of service, quality, and an unwavering commitment to customers.”

SignResource Identity Group

Ken Siegert credits SignResource Identity Group’s success to “service, trust, and relationships.” As a partner of over 20 years, we can attest that customer relationships are a top priority of theirs. Ken says the pandemic led the company to focus on the necessity of brand image and messaging to close on digital signage sales.

La Crosse Sign Group

Through over 30 years of partnership, Paul Fuchsel and La Crosse Sign Group have become one of Daktronics leading sign companies. As Daktronics holds our Honest, Helpful and Humble values near and dear, so too does La Crosse Sign Group live out their slogan “Make a Statement.” As Fuchsel explains, “A building is just a building until you put the electronic display up with it. That tells the story.”

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