OOH Value Adds: Services for a Lifetime

We offer permitting assistance, leasing options, ad sales webinars, and more to help you optimize your OOH business – all you have to do is pick the services you need!


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At Daktronics we offer value-added services for our partners to take advantage of at any time, whether it’s at the point of the sale or years later.

Here are some details on each of the value adds available:

Permitting and Sign Legislation

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part… Maybe it’s your first installation, or maybe a new location is presenting unfamiliar challenges. That’s where we step in to help you navigate the legal obstacles surrounding LED technology and obtaining a sign permit.

Light Analysis

Our engineers design our products to mitigate light pollution to areas surrounding LED billboards. We equip our billboards with sensors that automatically adjust brightness based on ambient light and use varying technologies to block light output as needed, while directing light toward the intended audience.

Beyond optimizing our products to reduce light pollution, we also offer light analyses where you’re considering installing a digital billboard. In this process, our technicians ensure the light emitted by an LED sign (measured in footcandles) is within the legal range.

Ad Sales Strategizing

Our sales experts can help you secure more ad sales by tailoring a strategizing webinar to your OOH business. We’ll help you and your sales team develop a plan to sell ad slots before you even install a billboard and continue to maximize revenue for years to come.

Partners find success with our ad sales program because we work to ensure they are up to date on industry trends, content best practices, and sales techniques.

Creative Services

Our Creative Services team designs content our partners can use to secure more ad sales, connect with the community, or support nonprofit organizations.

We also offer Digital Content Best Practices guides to help you design better-looking content or even build entire campaigns.


To complement our ad sales services, we offer a number of templates and resources to help you market your digital inventory – from site photos and video to public relations and content strategy.

Financing and Leasing

Whether it’s your first or hundredth, purchasing a digital billboard is a big decision. That’s why we offer financial support to help you grow your OOH business. From affordable monthly payments to a one-dollar buyout to municipal leasing, our representatives will work with you to tailor a solution for you.

Support and Maintenance

Our support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To solve issues with products and software, our website provides resources on troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

For more extensive service, our partners can submit cases through MySupport, our support site, for our technicians to evaluate and plan a solution. We have technicians stationed all throughout the world to ensure you can receive timely on-site maintenance when needed.

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