One district. Six schools. Learning together.

Socorro ISD in El Paso, Texas, uses its video board to teach students how to work together to promote sponsors and create a fan experience in their Student Activity Complex (SAC).


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Socorro ISD is the second largest school district in El Paso, Texas. It’s home to 49 schools, including six high schools. Those schools share the SISD Student Activity Complex, where they hold football and soccer games, track and field events, movie nights, and more.

Students from each of the schools work with the Daktronics video board, which has been in the stadium for four years. Erika Lucero is the Manager for Marketing and Sales at the stadium. She prospects and attains sponsors for the facility, which has been sold out for the last three years. Because the district paid for the video board outright, all revenue sponsorships produce goes into the general fund for the district.

While building revenue is an important part of her job, Lucero also coordinates with the teachers and students of the district. Each year, she hand picks seven students from all six high schools to work as a team during a paid internship for the SAC.  

The culture is very much a team. It’s an established culture now, even though we have different students every year. The students all work with each other.Erika Lucero, Manager for Marketing and Sales

“It was difficult at first because the schools are competitive, but now everyone knows to work together and take care of the equipment. They hold each other accountable.”

Students run cameras and the video board, they act as directors and as emcees. They also teach and learn from each other very effectively.

“They are usually in classes for audio/video and marketing,” says Lucero, “but when the students teach each other they learn better. It works tremendously.”

The students don’t just work on game days. Lucero says they also collaborate with sponsors to create ads. She says the district is in the business of giving students opportunities, and they trust the kids to dive right in.

“They’re amazing. I have my all-star team that I pay to work with sponsors. They are always changing things. I just guide them. When we tell sponsors we have students running the boards, they want to support it. They are 100% behind it.”

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