MySupport Updates—Easier Access, Faster Support

MySupport is an online service portal for sign companies.


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MySupport is an online service portal for sign companies. From your account, you can check the status of ordered parts, create a new case or view account information. MySupport speeds up and streamlines procedures so you get help faster.

It has been a huge time saver, and it works great! We are getting quick responses from customer support, and the parts are getting shipped on time.

–Wayne Munson, General Manager, Indigo Signworks, Bismarck, N.D.

It’s been approximately a year since MySupport went live. Here are some recent updates:

Achieve multiple tasks in one process

You can now enter a service request at the same time as requesting a new account. Response to a request is now 1-2 hours.

Contact linking

We interviewed customers and sign companies about sites with more than one sign company. Most people wanted to see the site’s entire service history. Should a new technician take over a site, they can see what has happened in the past. Visibility of the site’s service events history makes MySupport a much more helpful tool. All MySupport contacts who have supported a customer are linked to that customer. There is no pricing or billing info included.


Notification strategy

We adjusted our default notification settings so companies receive notification of their cases only.


If you haven’t already, open a MySupport account today by filling out the Account Request Form.

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