LED Displays Shine On Hockey Stars At Amalie Arena

LED Displays Shine On Hockey Stars At Amalie Arena, a venue with 10,000-plus square feet of Daktronics LED displays.

Justin Ochsner on 1/25/2018

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It’s time for the stars to gather in Tampa, Florida, for the annual NHL All-Star Game at a venue with 10,000-plus square feet of Daktronics LED displays, Amalie Arena. The home of the Tampa Bay Lightning will host hockey’s greatest active players on this weekend for the skills competition on Saturday and the puck drops Sunday afternoon for the game.

The Lightning made recent LED display enhancements in preparation for this weekend including a new seamless 360-degree ribbon display circling the fascia on the upper seating level installed prior to the start of the 2017-18 season. The most recent addition comes in the form of four displays with very narrow pixel pitches – 1.9 millimeters from pixel to pixel to be exact.

Installation of these narrow pixel pitch displays was completed in January as our manufacturing and project management crews worked their magic to ensure everything was up and running for this weekend’s premier event. These displays are sure to grab people’s attention as they measure nearly 6 feet high by 22 feet wide. Branding the facility for the event and bringing attention to sponsors and announcements will be a breeze using this technology.

The best part, these are located in the concourses where everyone will see them while finding their seats or grabbing something to snack on and quench their thirst. They are perfect for up-close viewing as people can stand as close as 5 feet away and still see the images and content clearly.

If you aren’t one of the lucky people that get to attend the game, don’t fret. You’ll be able to see Daktronics technology on display during the game broadcast. We previously installed the existing massive centerhung display system above center ice to keep fans engaged in the action, but it also stands out during wide shots of the area on television.

You might also catch a glimpse of the other ribbon displays and dasher boards as the cameras pan to cover the action and the crowd’s reaction during the game.

So, hockey fans, when you tune in for the puck drop on Sunday, keep your eyes out for the technology used to create the best game-day experience possible. And if you’re in the arena, you’ll be right in the middle of the action enjoying that one-of-a-kind experience in person; and making the rest of us jealous. Enjoy the game!


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