How to Staff Your Game Day for Success

There are many different facets that go into manning the scoreboard or video display on game day. But what are the different roles required, and how can you best utilize available manpower to get the job done?


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The answer might be closer at hand than you think: students! They’re eager to learn and garner experience. Let’s take a look at the options available.

Team of one

For any scoreboard, you need a controller operator to run the clock, keep score and start/stop time. If you have a video display, you will need either a display studio or Tricaster operator. These roles allow for a wide variety of tasks thanks to the option to arrange playlists. They will create content, import image file formats, produce prerecorded video with audio, update stats and post school announcements. Pre-produced videos, logos, commercials, streaming to the web, posting to social media, listing announcements and queuing graphics/animation give operators several areas to choose from.

Then there were three

These crews are comprised of a camera and show control operator. This allows for control and live, in-game action. An alternate crew would be a Tricaster and camera operator, allowing the opportunity to preview live, in-game action prior to sharing on the display.

Multiple crew members

Four-person crews have a Tricaster, camera and show control operator. These roles provide instant replays captured by the camera operator, showcasing the game’s best moments (which can be previewed prior to display.) If you have a team of 4-5 people, you can add operators for cameras and replays. This allows for more camera angles, instant replays and the perspective of 2 camera feeds.

If you have 6-7 people, a show control, tricaster and replay operator, as well as a producer and camera operators make up a dream team. The producer gives verbal cues for precise timing and organization of the production. You can feature up to 4 camera feeds with increased coordination among the cameras.

It doesn’t end there

What about school curriculum for those behind the scenes? Video display management and content creation doesn’t magically happen on its own. Put your creative and fine arts students to work making videos, animations, graphics and advertisements for animation and design classes. There are also journalism opportunities, including writing, shooting, editing, reporting and directing skills.

What you will need for a successful game day depends on your setup. If you have an indoor control room, the display studio operator with camera operations are ideal for center court while tricaster and replay operators are in a control room. If you’re positioned for an outdoor control room, a few additional roles will help, including a replay operator and a producer to manage your press box (or control room in your facility.) That’s right, outdoor setups don’t require a line of sight for production!

There are many setup options to choose from based upon the available number of helping hands and level of show you want to produce. Be sure to check out our Sports Product Support page for Knowledge Base articles and videos to help train your staff.