FEPE or Bust

The international FEPE show is coming up soon in Dubai! Did you know the Daktronics office in Dubai just celebrated its 30th anniversary? Check out our work on the Kuwait Stock Exchange!


Categories: Out of Home Advertising

What is FEPE, you might be wondering. The Federation European Publicite Exterieur International Congress is the premier Out of Home (OOH) advertising association working to promote and improve the OOH industry in international markets. FEPE hosts an international show each year to showcase some of the industry’s highest-profile installation highlights in the Out of Home industry and to facilitate collaboration from the industry’s largest and most influential players. This year, the show will be held in Dubai from May 1-3. As a Platinum Sponsor, Daktronics will be in attendance and has been a supporter of the organization since 2010.

FEPE’s goal is to promote and improve the OOH industry with speakers throughout the event, providing insight and observations in the market. From roadside billboards to street furniture, transit and retail applications, Daktronics has made a splash with some of the industry’s brightest, tightest-resolution displays.

In FEPE’s April 18th e-newsletter, they highlighted the Daktronics Dubai office’s 30th anniversary. A notable project in the area was the Kuwait Stock Exchange, installed in 2006, which pushed demand in the area, generating a need for the full-time office. Daktronics has been one of the primary suppliers to the Middle East Region, providing solutions for their messaging needs. Daktronics has installed more than 800 video-capable displays to the region in recent years.

Learn more about FEPE and what to look forward to at this year’s event at Daktronics.com/Fepe.