Denison Schools Create Hype

An ever-growing trend in the world of video is to create “hype” videos to amplify school spirit and raise the fan support (and volume) in the stadium. The Monarchs have it down.


Categories: High School Sports

Derek Fink, DCS Activities Director, explained that students in grades 9-12 can take part in the live interactive, technology or video editing courses to gain experience by working with equipment first hand to create hype videos. “You get a new crop of students in each year, so we try to create that passion for sports,” Fink said. “We bring them on board, get them trained and retain them if possible for an in-depth level of understanding.”

All of Denison’s athletic facilities have Daktronics displays, including the middle school. The football field was recently updated with new turf, track and a video board to boot. Students have run advertising and will manage the district track meet’s content. So far, four hype videos have been produced for basketball and football. The hope is to expand into other sports as well.

In careers, there are deadlines, so this is a real-life perspective for the students.

Because football season begins immediately in the fall, it can be challenging to create a video in time for kickoff. Fink explained, “Right now, we do a starting lineup for football, soccer and headshots of the players. It can be tough to coordinate everything from taking the photo to editing to having it up on the board in time.”

A highlight reel also plays before games that encompasses the school’s history and traditions, providing a positive way to show school pride and support the team.

“A lot of hours go into the making of each video,” Fink continued, “but it’s time well spent for the kids.”

We’re trying to give them opportunities they might not get elsewhere. By offering these video and production courses, the hope is we are helping them find their passion while gaining some experience though this opportunity.