While Teri began her career in technical writing, her role quickly evolved into marketing for Video Products. Seven years later, she found herself in a new role as a marketing communications manager within the Commercial Marketing team.

As change occurred in the company structure, that original team grew to include HSPR, Transportation and most recently, Commercial Creative Services and the HSPR Conceptual group.

Teri recalls when she first started at Daktronics, they were knee-deep in developing the Coca-Cola display for Times Square. Her first assignment was to update the product manuals for those displays. This was quite a memorable first task as, “It was definitely an all-hands-on-deck experience for Daktronics,” she said.

Teri loves how her roles have changed multiple times since she started in 2004, even though she has only formally switched jobs once. She enjoys working with people, helping them achieve their goals, and problem solving. “I work with a talented group of marketing professionals – writers, designers, digital artists, and marketing coordinators,” she said.

Teri’s supervisor, Jeremy Johnson, says Teri is a tremendous asset to Daktronics. “As a supervisor, she works hard to understand the talents and needs of each employee to ensure they are having their best possible work experience,” he said. According to Johnson, Teri is overseeing a great deal of complexity in working to bring hundreds of marketing tasks to life each year, impacting countless customers.

“Teri leads with a positive attitude and is up for any new challenge. We are fortunate to have her on our team,” Johnson said.


Teri lives in Brookings with her husband Jesse and four kids, Noah (17), Addison (13), Kennedy (11), and Kate (5). Teri graduated from the University of South Dakota with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a master’s degree in administrative studies.

Outside work, she spends a lot of free time attending her kids’ events. “I have two hockey players and a gymnast, so we put on a lot of miles during the winter months,” she said. “Summertime transitions to baseball.”

For the last three years, Teri’s family has hosted athletes from the Brookings Blizzard hockey team. They have hosted players from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Quebec, and even the Czech Republic. Teri thinks it is fun to see the differences they have from growing up somewhere else. “To date, I have yet to have a player who has ever heard of tater tot casserole before,” she said.



This article is by Jacqueline Wolles
in Employee Communications.