It’s Lighter. It’s Double-Sided. It’s Daktronics New Indoor LED Banner Product.

Daktronics has released its new indoor LED banner product with a lightweight, double-sided design featuring full black LED technology.

Justin Ochsner on 10/23/2018

Categories: Out of Home Advertising, Spectaculars

When our customers ask for something, we listen. It’s how we got started in the scoreboard business 50 years ago and it’s a business philosophy we’ve carried over to the rest of our markets. Most recently, we’ve introduced a new generation of indoor LED banner displays based on customer feedback.

Our product manager, Brant Mathiason breaks it down:

“Our customers have asked for a thinner and lighter banner product that has a similar look to the newer, slimmer TVs they have in their homes. We stepped up and designed a double-sided banner product that is five inches from face-to-face.

“In doing so, we were also able to create a display that is only 4.25 pounds per square foot of LED display face. The lighter weight allows for these banner displays to be installed with little or no additional roof structure in many cases. This new banner product uses the latest LED module technology our indoor video displays are known for.”

The new product was rolled out this summer. As Brant said, it features a sleek, lightweight design. But it’s also double-sided and features full-black LED technology. Here’s a little more info on each of those features.

Lightweight: The lightweight design of this product lessens the structural support needs of any building or retail location looking to implement the technology. It offers a sleek, aesthetically pleasing presence at half the width and weight of previous product generations to fit into the existing atmosphere without being invasive or intrusive.

Double-sided: The double-sided nature of this display allows for more advertising space and additional opportunities to generate revenue. It appeals to shoppers and visitors walking in either direction within the venue.

Full black LED technology: This feature brings crisp, clear imagery with greater contrast for every message on the displays. The improved image quality captures the attention of visitors and ensures impressions with advertiser’s target audience.

This new LED banner display adds a tasteful rotating element to digital messages while retaining the sight lines of shopping centers and other retail locations. Branding and tenant advertising messages can be shared and switched easily with this application.

We’ve been providing banner products for retail markets and shopping center applications for nearly a decade. We’ve provided other display types for the retail market since the turn of the century and continue to innovate our products to fit the ever-changing marketplace as customer expectations evolve.