An Interview with Indigo Signs

For 26 years, Daktronics and Indigo Signs have partnered to deliver beautiful displays, pairing static and digital signage. Read what John Danio has to say about the company and this past year.


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How long have you been selling digital signage?

We’ve been partnered with Daktronics for 26 years. It’s been a great relationship, and they’ve helped us grow in our markets to be an expert in not only consulting customers and maximizing their on-site digital presence and image, but also building that structure around it.

Why do you choose to partner with Daktronics?

Coming into the digital signage business, it was evident to me that Daktronics is the market leader. We know that if we install a unit, it’s going to be the best product we can deliver – they’re going to get the most out of that sign and the longest life out of that sign. We can support it, you can support it.

Tell me about this past year and how it has impacted your business.

Obviously, like a lot of organizations, we struggled with labor shortages, COVID outbreaks, and one of the biggest challenges, the supply chain price increases. Every other month, steel was going up or plastic was going up. We’ve had to be really flexible on our lead times and manufacturing.

2021 has been a record year for Daktronics, and I’m sure you have been busy as well. What do you think has contributed to the boom in digital signage for 2021?

I think for everybody it was a wild ride. We started off the year slow as everyone kind of locked down, but it came roaring back. The second half of our year was very strong because people started coming out of the woodwork and making moves. As site restrictions freed up, our demand doubled, and our backlog doubled what it was any previous year. That was great to see.

Do you have any predictions? What do you see coming in the next year or two?

Right now, every indicator tells us we will continue to see strong demand. We’ve got a good backlog heading into this year, and I think that will make it a successful year. I think we’ll see growth. There are a lot of businesses and institutions out there that need to upgrade their technology. The more people see the 10 mm and higher resolution displays, the more they feel it is time to make that move.

Do you plan to do anything different in the future?

We’re excited about the new technology. We’re putting together some market penetration programs for areas we could improve. We plan to be aggressive in expanding geographically and competing in the interior space.

What do you think have been keys to your success in the signage industry?

Our biggest key to success is the expertise we have as a business. We’ve got people that understand how to get things done and get them done right. Every sign and every project is unique, and we’re not afraid of those more complex projects. We can take a dream and make it reality for our customers.

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