5 Ways to Amplify your Advertising Dollars

Is your advertising budget doing all it can for your business? No matter where you spend your advertising dollars, including an LED sign at your location will help you make the most of your messaging.


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1. Complement your other marketing efforts.

Highlight loyalty programs, mobile apps, or your social media accounts on your digital sign. Customers are more likely to respond when they can reap the benefits immediately, so you’ll find the adoption of these programs will skyrocket.

Not only can a discount offer boost sales quickly, but it can also grow your social following or rewards programs, meaning more sales long-term.

business offering a deal for following social accounts

2. Reinforce your branding and messaging at your location

Psychologists note that advertising messages should be repeated 3-20 times before they influence buyer behavior. A digital sign is the perfect place to reiterate the messages you’ve been pushing elsewhere.

Using your LED sign to share the same promotions as on radio, in the local paper, or on TV is an effective way to hit home at just the right moment. As a consumer passes by your business, they are reminded of the advertising they’ve heard and know where to go.

digital billboard advertising new careers

3. Include appealing visuals of your products or services.

Visuals are proven to be effective in tempting your customers to add items to their cart. With the right pictures, a digital sign will make your products look good – irresistible, even.

Beyond the power to boost sales of a specific item, digital signs also enable you to change that message anytime you want.

4. Attract new customers with enticing offers.

Digital signage is the one marketing medium that can’t be fast-forwarded, opted out of, or ignored. Take advantage of that freedom to share content that appeals to your audience.

Whether it’s an enticing offer or promoting a service people may not know about, LED signs are great for getting your message to both locals and travelers passing through town.

Marriott hotel advertising waterfront dining

5. Create a connection with community-focused content.

Build a relationship with your community by promoting local fundraisers, student activities, and upcoming events in your area. Sharing this type of content increases customer loyalty.

Using the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) with our software is another effective way to show your community you care about them. This system overrides your display to alert people when there are severe weather storms, missing persons, or escaped convicts in the area.

fuel price digit displays with video board below

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