5 Tips for Engaging with Your Local Worship Facilities

Historically, churches have been a great adopter of digital display technology – both inside and out. With a variety of events going on throughout the week, digital signage is a medium that creates an experience for those attending the service and helps to draw attendees in when used effectively outdoors.


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Digital displays in churches are more relevant than ever as they scramble to reset expectations, align with local protocols, and provide an experience for their attendees while holding true to their mission.

With more than 300,000 churches in the U.S., houses of worship are one niche worth taking a close look at. Here are 5 strategies for successful networking with your local worship facility.

1. Listen.

Understand what the community would like to achieve and develop a digital signage solution that works for their best interest. Ensure you have a mutual understanding of pricing expectations and stay within their budget.

2. Collaborate with a team of experts.

Your first instinct may be to contact the local pastor, but within congregations there are many decision makers – parish council members, technical support, music leaders, and lead donors within the community may all make an impact on whether a worship facility may decide to move forward with their purchase.

3. Be there to help.

Not every community is blessed with a techno wiz to troubleshoot equipment. As their partner, it’s important they know you will have that in you. You may need to make yourself available on Sundays while they are getting familiar with their system.

4. Respect their time.

Pastors are extremely busy serving their community and likely aren’t interested in coffee with a sales rep. Start by sending an email and follow up with a second email or phone call. They’ll let you know if they are interested.

5. Nothing can replace networking.

Many churches boast hundreds, even thousands of members. If you have connections that are active in their local congregation, put a bug in their ear about the benefits of digital signage. You never know where that might take you.

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