How to set up Venus M-Bridge software for Venus Control Suite


  • How do I set up Venus M-Bridge software?


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Transportation
  • Product: M2 and M3 controlled displays
  • Component: M-Series Software Bridge
  • Control System:  Venus Control Suite (VCS) - Daktronics Hosted, VCS - Locally Hosted



Note - These steps can be followed for the M-Series Hardware Bridge starting with step 3, once the M-Series Hardware Bridge has been added to the network.

  1. Prior to installation of the Venus M-Bridge software, install Daktronics Display Find.  (Need to install version or higher)
  2. Install Venus M-Bridge software (0A-1603-0020).  (NOTE:  Software Bridge cannot be installed on same machine as Locally-Hosted Venus Control Suite).
    • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 OS.
    • Will install successfully on machine with Venus 1500 V4 already installed.
  3. Run Display Find or open an internet browser and enter machine's IP or http://localhost/ and press Enter.
    • Capturea.PNG
  4. Note GUID (take a screen shot for future reference). 
    • Captureb.PNG
  5. Enter Host name: 
    1. For Daktronics Hosted enter:
    2. For Locally Hosted enter: https://(hostcomputername)
  6. Click on Save button. 
    • Capturec.PNG
  7. Enter Email/UserName and Password associated with account and click on Log In button. 
    • 2018-07-17_13-32-09.png 
  8. Add Display (that will be linked later to the Venus M-Bridge).
  9. Select Displays.  (if the display is already configured then skip this step). 
    •  Capturee.PNG
  10. Click on the Add New button and configure the display then click the Save button. 
    •  Capturef.PNG
  11. Associate M-Bridge:
    1. Select Settings.
    2. Select Bridge Association .
      •  Captureg.PNG
    3. Enter the first few characters of the GUID that you noted back in Item 6 while configuring the M-Bridge into the search field until you have identified the GUID of the Bridge. 
      •  Captureh.PNG
    4. Click on the box to the left of the Bridge and then click on Associate Selected button.
  12. Link Display to Bridge.
    1. Select Displays, then Devices. 
      •  Capturei.PNG
    2. Click on Connect to Bridge button.
    3. Select the desired Bridge.
      •   Capturej.PNG
    4. Complete the Device Name and IP or Hostname Address of the display controller, shown in the fields below, then click on the Save button.
      • Ensure that the Bridge device can communicate with the controller IP address prior to saving.
      •  Capturek.PNG
    5. Click on the Save button to save changes. 
      •  Capturel.PNG
    6. Select Dashboard to verify Displays are configured. 
      • Capturem.PNG

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