How to give a file an Alias Name within a Button?


  • How do you rename a file within a button?
  • Can I use alias names for files inside a button?


  • Product Family: Software, Control Systems
  • Product:
  • Components: Display Studio, DMP-8000 
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS) version 2.22+, Live Clips


A new feature available in version 2.22+ of Show Control, is the abilty to give an alias to a file within any button type.  Designed to be used in conjunction with the Mark In/Mark out feature (How do I mark in or mark out on my clips in Display Studio?), this will allow users to take one large clip that may have multiple ads or highlights within it and break it down, with the ability to give a different alias for those breakdowns to be seen within the Queue. For example, you could load one large recorded clip, and then use the Mark In/Out feature to set the first 10 seconds to be Highlight #1, then next 20 seconds are Highlight #2, etc. Then, the user can give an alias name each of those 'new' clips within a playlist or play button. The alias name will also show in the Queue within a Quick Display container and and in the Status Log within a Scripting Container.

  1.  Open an existing button or create a new button in Display Studio
    1. How do I Create Scripting Containers and Buttons in Display Studio?
    2. How do I Create and Edit a Quick Display Container and Button in Display Studio?
  2. In Step 4 of a Scripting Button or under the add file icon in a Quick Display Button, the file(s) for your button will be listed
  3. To change the name of the file within the button:
    1. Within a playlist, select the file you want to adjust and then single click it again to open the Alias Name window
      Note: Double clicking on a highlighted file will bring up the browser window to select a new file(s)
      Rename File in PL.png
    2. Within a play button, the file will already be highlighted so to open the Alias Name window, single click on the file
      Note: Double clicking on a highlighted file will bring up the browser window to select a new file
      Rename File in Play Button.png
  4. After entering in a new file name, save the button and single click to trigger the button to the display(s)
  5. To remove an alias name after it's been added, simple enter the Alias Name edit window and delete the alias name text.

KB ID: DD4694614

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