How to use TriCaster Macros with the SportApps.

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  • How do you use TriCaster Macros with the SportApps?
  • How can I use TriCaster Macros for SportApps?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: TriCaster, Live Book, SportApp
  • Components: SportApp, TriCaster
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


Macros give the operator the opportunity to send commands to the SportApps. This will make it possible to show and hide the scorebug or insert graphics without clicking a button on the Live Book.

  1. On the Tricaster menu bar click macros, configure macros to bring up the configuration dialog.
    Tricaster macro 1.png

  2. Click the add folder button to create a folder that will contain the new set of macros.

  3. Click the add macro button, double click the default name and rename it scorebug on.  With the new macro selected, click the edit button and add the command for scorebug on.Tricaster macro 2.png

    • Shortcut - net5 (show or hide the graphic on the program window only)
    • Shortcut – net6 (show or hide the graphic on the preview window only)
    • Value - SportApp
    • Key 0 – SCOREBOARD
    • Value 0 - ON

     4. Press ok to save your edit and add a trigger for the "scorebug on" macro. To add the trigger, click inside the first box and create a key combination. This trigger will be used to show or hide the scorebug on the program window.

        Tricaster macro 3.png

     5. Repeat the steps above for the other macro commands.

     6. If showing or hiding an insert graphic on the preview window, create or edit a macro and set the shortcut to net6.  Net6 sends and removes the graphic from the preview window only. 
        Tricaster macro 4.png

Macro commands for the preview and program windows

  • SCOREBOARD = ON  - bring the scoreboard to air
  • SCOREBOARD = OFF - remove the scoreboard from air
  • CLEARALL = TRUE - remove the scoreboard and any pages from air
  • SHOWPAGE = <page #> - show a page
  • HIDEPAGE = <page #> - hide a page
  • HIDEALLPAGES = TRUE - leave the scoreboard alone, but remove any pages from air

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