DakStats Not Communicating with DSTI When on the Same Machine

Potential Symptoms

  • Stats from DakStats not received by DSTI when DakStats and DSTI are installed on the same machine.


  • Product Family: Control System; Software;
  • Product:
  • Component: DSTI; DakStats
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)


  • DakStats Messaging not selected in DSTI and DakStats


  • In DakStats use the configure tab to select Messaging

      DakStats Messaging.JPG

  • The following popup will appear. Select Same Machine (Windows Messages)

       Same Machine DakStats.JPG

  • In DSTI, use the Edit tab to select DakStats Messaging

        DSTI Messaging.JPG

  • The follwoing popup will appear. Select Same Machine (Windows Messages) 

         Same Machine DSTI.JPG

  • In DSTI, use the Edit tab to select Data Configuration
  • Select the sport and assign the appropriate Database Path which is typically C:\Daktronics\DakStats (Sport)\

          Browse to location.JPG



For additional, information reference the DSTI Operation Manual and the DakStats Baseball Operation Manual

KB ID: DD4639598

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