Local Hosted VCS Connected to DMP and VIP But Not Downloading Content

Potential Symptoms

  • Local Hosted Venus Control Suite not downloading schedule to DMP.
  • Daktronics IdentityServer service does not start automatically.
  • VCS ScheduleGen log gives the error “System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: Response status code does not indicate success: 503 (Service Unavailable).” 
  • Error  "Handling an exception. Exception details: Daktronics.Fusion.HttpException: User with user name 'IdentityServer' already exists."


  • Product Family: Message Centers
  • Product: GS6
  • Component: DMP-5000, VIP-5060
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite Locally Hosted


  • VCS did not install correctly.


  • Uninstall VCS per DD3769949.
  • Install locally hosted VCS per DD2735179.
  • Setup display to communicate with VCS per DD3259456.

For Temporary Operation

  • None Known.

KB ID: DD4637928

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