Low battery or battery backup low error on All Sport, Transmit and receive are reversed at signal converter

Potential Symptoms

  • Getting battery backup low error on the console.
  • Console shows "Low Battery" and will not go into any other mode.
  • Unplugging 25 pin cable from I/O port on All Sport resolves issue.
  • Signal Converter drawing may show incorrect wiring for phoneix converter (TX on left and RX on right).


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: All Sport 5000, Signal Converters
  • Component:
  • Control System:


  • Signal converter is wired incorrectly (TX & RX swapped) which is causing voltage to be sent back to the All Sport instead of receiving voltage from the All Sport.


  • Correct wiring at the signal converters phoneix connector. 
    • RX
      • Pin 1: Postive
      • Pin 2: Negative
      • Pin 3: Shield
    • TX
      • Pin 4: Positive
      • Pin 5: Negative
      • Pin 6: Shield

KB ID: DD4631458

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