How to select height, width, and x/y coordinates with Webpage Playback


  •  Are we able to zoom or select a portion of a webpage for web page playback in DMP-8000 series players? How to use X Y Coordinates with Webpage Playback


  • Product Family: Control System and Software
  • Product: DMP-8000
  • Components: DMP-8000 version 8.0 and Windows 7+
  • Control System: Display Studio


  1. Verify that DMP-8000 computer has access to hard-wired Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Internet on Show Control only is not sufficient).
  2. Reference How do I play back a web page on a DMP-8000 Player? to create a URI file to be played from Display Studio.
  3. If needed, extra parameters can be added to the URI file to zoom into the webpage.
    1. Open the URI file containing the URL.
    2. Add in the command line ?zoom=&x=&y=
    3. After the =, type in the zoom times (this will zoom into the webpage starting in the top left corner), the x and y (will be negative) start coordinates
      1. e.g. ?zoom=1.1&x=-170&y=-120
      2. Your complete URI with zoom added should look like this example
        Step 13.png

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