When launching Content Studio, receiving a Server Login prompt

Potential Symptoms

  • User is receiving a "Server Login" prompt when launching Content Studio.
  • May have updated Show Control/Display Studio recently to version 2.18 or newer.


  • Product Family: Control System, Software
  • Product: Show Control System, Content Studio
  • Component: Content Studio
  • Control System: Show Control


  • Credentials have not been entered for Nucleus Server or Venus Server.


  • Click each server and enter the username/password. The red X on the right should turn green.
  • Default password for Nucleus Server is "password"
  • Default password for Venus Server (this could be different if default VCS login has been modified or they are using cloud hosted) is "pa$$word"
  • Make sure to click "Don't Show on Startup" to bypass the login screen in the future.

KB ID: DD4592973

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