No inbound connection to Modem, T Mobile APN not set

Potential Symptoms

  • Modem is powered on but not remote accessible.
  • Modem is getting a DHCP IP address instead of static IP address.


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Product: DB-6400, BLD-0100, DB-5000, DB-4200
  • Component: Sierra Wireless Airlink RV50
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS)


  • Cell modem has not been configured with correct APN for carrier settings. 


  • Change the APN in the modem settings webpage.
  1. Log into the modem settings webpage from a Bomgar session with a device directly connected to the modem.
  2. Navigate to the WAN/Cellular tab.
  3. Under the Cellular menu, click the SIM Slot 1 Configuration submenu.
  4. Enter the correct APN in the User Entered APN box.
    • Known working T Mobile APN: b2b.static
  5. Hit Apply and Reboot the modem.

KB ID: DD4588526

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