How to add stat styles to the SportApp

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  • How do I add a stat style to the SportApp?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book GFX®, SportApp
  • Component:  Stat Styles
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics

StatStyles are handled on a SportApp or scorebug level. If your scorebug doesn’t have its own StatStyle it will use a default StatStyle. If you need additional or custom stats, the StatStyle file will need to be edited. Keep in mind that every SportApp uses a different StatStyle since the stats vary from sport to sport.


The default StatStyle file is in the SportApps settings folder.
Example - C:\ProgramData\AJT Systems\Basketball SportApp\Settings.

The StatStyle for the scorebug is in the template folder where your scorebug is stored.
Example - C:\ProgramData\AJT Systems\MAM\Basketball \Templates\ NBA_G_League_Basketball_Scorebug

The StatStyles are broken up into three categories.

  1. Player Stat
  2. Team Stat
  3. Team Comparison Stat

Before making changes to the StatStyle, its recommended to close the SportApp.

  1. Load the StatStyle in Excel.
    1. To add an additional player or team stat, click on the plus button located on the bottom lower right of the UI. A new blank sheet will be added.
    2. To create a new player 2 stat that will show 3 Points and Assists copy line 1 and 2 of the first image and paste its contents in the new sheet.
    3. Change cell I and J so that it will get the stat for 3 Points and Assist. The player stat name corresponds to what is seen on the player grid in the stat editor of the SportApp. In cell I, {3-P} is entered for player 3 Points. In cell J, {A} is entered for player assists. The stat must go in curly braces for them to get data from the grid. The name of the stat goes to the right of the stat.
    4. Change the name of the sheet so that it corresponds to the stat being shown in the app.
  2. Save the StatStyle and view the player stat in the SportApp.
  3. To show a stat that contains field goal and field goal attempt, it’s done in this manner.
  4. When viewed in the SportApp it shows points, field goal and field goal attempt.
    The process outlined above is similar for all other sports that will show stats.

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