My audio system has poor sound quality - No Bass, Mids, or Highs

Potential Symptoms

  • My audio system has poor sound quality - Loss of Bass, Mids, or Highs


  • Product Family: Audio Systems
  • Product: Sportsound 500HD, 1500HD, 2000HD, 200
  • Component: Speakers/Drivers, Amps
  • Control System: Any


  • Potential bad amplifier(s) or driver(s)
  • Potential source problem or mixer setting/problem 


  • If the sound quality problem occurs with all sources and the system is otherwise operating normally, there is likely an amplifier or driver problem
  • If the sound quality problem occurs with only one source
    • Try moving that source to a different input on the mixer.  If the problem moves with the source, either the source is bad or there is a problem beyond our control system
    • If the problem does not move with the source, then the problem is likely in the mixer.
      • Check equalization settings.  Set all equalization for that channel so there are no boost or cuts,  If that does not change/fix the audio quality, the mixer may require replacing.

For Temporary Operation

  • Move the source to an open channel if there is one available

KB ID: DD4312131

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