How to configure a GS6 display to work with a DM-100 control pad


  • How to configure a controller for GS6 to work with a DM-100 handheld device?
  • How to configure a Lantronix box to work with a DM-100 handheld device?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: GS6
  • Components: DM-100 control pad, DMP-5050 controller, Moxa adapter, Lantronix Box UDS-1100 modem, DB-9 serial cable, Ethernet cable
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS)


  • Configure the Lantronix Ethernet/Serial device.
  • Use device installer to configure Lantronix UDS-1100. 
  • Connect to the UDS-1100 with either Ethernet cable or serial cable.
  • Open device installer and click search.
  • Click on the IP it found and select the telnet tab.
  • Click connect.
  • Press enter to start Setup Mode.
  • Press 0 and enter to start server config.
  • Enter the IP address for the modem.
  • Enter  the Gateway.
  • Type the number of bits and enter to set the subnet mask.  Chart below.
  • Capture.PNG
  • Press enter to not set the DNS Server IP.
  • Press enter to not set the Telnet/Web manager password.
  • Press enter to not set the DHCP name.
  • Press enter to keep DHCP FQDN option disabled.
  • Press 1 and enter to start channel 1 config.
  • Press enter to use 9600 baud.
  • Press enter to use 4C interface mode.
  • Press enter to disable flow control.
  • Enter the port number of the sign and press enter to set the Port number. Set to 27000.
  • Type CC enter to set Connect Mode.
  • Type 01 enter to set Datagram Type.
  • Press enter to disable broadcast.
  • Enter the Signs IP address for remote. 
  • Enter the port number of the sign and press enter to set remote port. Set to 27000.
  • Type 02 enter to set the Pack Control.
  • Press enter to set SendChar1 to 00.
  • Press enter to set SendChar2 to 00.
  • Press 9 enter to save configuration and exit setup mode.  You should get a message that says Parameters stored.
  • Disconnect the Moxa Adapter from the DB9 serial cable.

KB ID: DD4307327

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