How to run a program as administrator when it is not an option in the XP submenu

Potential Symptoms

  • Need to run a program as administrator, but there is no menu option to run as administrator.


  • Product Family: Software
  • Product: OmniSport Pro or other Daktronics program that requires administrator rights
  • Component: Windows XP
  • Control System: Windows XP


  • XP has limitations on running as administrator.


  1. Right click on the shortcut for the program and select properties.
  2. In the "Target" section, move the cursor all the way to the left side (without deleting the path to the target).
  3. In front of the target, enter "runas.exe /user:administrator /savecred"
    1. The full command should look like this:
    2. runas.exe /user:administrator /savecred "c:\path to software"
  4. Click OK. Double click the shortcut.
  5. It will prompt you for the administrator password the first time you run, but after that it should run without a prompt.

KB ID: DD4297537

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