How to play a test pattern on an AF-6710 display?


  • How do I play test patterns on an AF-6710?
  • How to run a pixel test on the AF-6710 display?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: Dak Ireland Data Display 
  • Components: AF-6710
  • Control System: DVS software, VNC software


  1. VNC into the display.
  2. If you do not have VNC downloaded see link: Where to download VNC?
  3. Once VNC'd into the display, select the Windows icon on the top of the session and close Chromium and command prompt.
  4. Click on the computer files locates at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Navigate to:
    • C drive.
    • DAKConfig.
    • Test.
    • RGB-Screen_Test.exe (this is the software program).
    • reference image below as an example:

RGB Scree Test app.png

         If there are modules blank verify you have input the correct sign width and height dimesions under the Total Pixels section.

Key Terms:
•SBC= Single Board Computer
•PSU= Power Supply Unit
•DVS= Data Vision Software
•Module= LED board
•Image controller - ILCS2 controller, both are the same thing
•Globus controller - Cluster controller, both are the same thing

KB ID: DD4288254

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