No communication to display, ETH Link on server radio lit, Bad End on Server Radio Cable

Potential Symptoms

  • No Communication to the display via any software or browser.
  • ETH Link LED on the Server radio is lit, but not passing information.
  • Client Radio has power and Eth Link LED is lit and is showing signal strength, but not passing information.

Computer directly connected to DC Injector specific symptoms

  • LED lights on the computer's NIC or D-Link adapter are on, but no communication to the server Radio.
  • Local area connection on computer or D-Link adapter shows enabled and connected to a network, but unable to communicate with the server radio.

900 xTR model specific symptoms

  • Unable to ping server radio or detect it with EBR diagnostics.
  • Network troubleshooter within Venus 1500 is not detecting the radios.


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: Galaxy
  • Component: Ethernet Bridge Radios (EBRs)
  • Control System:


  • RJ45 Connection on the Server Radio cable end that goes into the POE has visual damage to its pins. (Particularly White/Blue, Green, wires)


  • Re-terminate the RJ45 End matching the existing wire layout.
    • If unable to re-terminate, a replacement set of radios will be needed.

KB ID: DD4262383

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