Same Product Line on Different Structures Change At Different Speeds; Multiple Antennas

Potential Symptoms

  • When in turbo mode, one price changes faster than the others set to the same line on a separate structure.
  • One price will not change by the same amount as another price set to the same line.
    • i.e. The canopy regular price will go up five cents but the pylon regular price will only go up two cents.


  • Product Family: Commercial Digit Products
  • Product: FL-3000, FL-4500, FL-2000, FL-4000
  • Component: FLR3-100/400 Handheld, Remote
  • Control System: FLR3-100, FLR3-400, FLR-100, FLR-500


  • The distance between the two antennas is greater than the maximum range on the key fob remote.


  • Set one of the displays to an unused line or give each antenna their own remote.

KB ID: DD4255451

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