How do I use NewTek iVGA(AirSend) protocol instead of NDI in SportApp

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Article Purpose

  • How do I use NewTek iVGA(AirSend) protocol instead of NDI


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: SportApp, Camino
  • Component: NewTek Air Send
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Confirm what version of Camino that is link to the SportApp
    • To enable the airsend dll you need to find out what version of Camino is being used by the SportApp.
    • Go to the SportApp install directory, right click on caminovtxruntime.dll to get the version of Camino in use by this SportApp.
  2. Edit the processing airsend files in the plugins folder
    • Go to c:\program files (x86) – – ajt systems – – camino version – – codec plugins
    • In the codec dir we have 2 NewTek dlls
      • AirSend.x86.dll
      • NDI.Lib.x86.dll
      • To force the use of the airsend dll rename the NDI so the runtime can't find it
    • Change to
      • "xxxProcessing.NDI.Lib.x86.dll"
      • Restart the sport app and the Airsend DLL will be used
  3. Restart the SportApp
    • Once the edit is made relaunch the SportApp and verify the LIVEBOOK shows on the TriCaster.

KB ID: DD4252514

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