How to edit verbiage of your penalty situation in Hockey SportApp

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  • How to edit Sport Text in Hockey SportApp


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: SportApp
  • Component:  Sport Text Editor
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


This setting allows you to change the verbiage of your penalty situations in hockey. For example, hockey and lacrosse share similar penalties but word it differently, this is when sport text editor is used.

  1. Open the Hockey SportApp
    • Bottom right corner, locate the setting icon and open the settings window.
    • Locate the section labeled scorebug, there you will find Sport Text (Default should appear if never used before)
    • Click the green plus arrow to add a new group.
  2. Create new group name
    • (Without this name it will not save your settings.)
  3. Changing the Sport Text
    • The third column (Sport Text) is the column of focus.
    • Here the important rows are those labeled OnAir. This is what the viewers will see. If you want to change the UI line so you see the change in the app that can be done also.
    • Hit OK when you are done.

KB ID: DD4252500

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