How to receive data from scoreboard controllers in Live Book

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  • How do I receive data from scoreboard controllers in Live Book


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book GFX®, SportApp
  • Component: Scoreboard feeds
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics


  1. Connect the usb to serial cable
    • Connect the usb to serial cable to the laptop
    • On the serial end of the usb to serial cable connect a RS232 cable
    • Connect the other end of the RS232 cable and a null modem to the control port of the all sport cg
    • Connect the data port of the all sport cg to the J2 output on the back of the dak scoreboard controller
  2. Verify the usb to serial points to com 1
    • Click on the windows start menu and type device manager and click on the icon
    • Click on Ports drop down, the usb serial port should say com1
    • If the com port doesn't show com 1 right click on it, click on properties to change the port number
    • Click on the port settings tab, advanced and use the com port number drop down to choose com 1 from the drop down
    • Press ok to add the change
    • The usb to serial port should now show com 1
  3. Get clock data to the sportapp
    • Launch the sport app
    • Click on the settings menu icon on the upper left of the UI to view the sportapp settings
    • Choose Dak 5000 Tv w Shot clock tenths from the drop down box
    • Click on the scoreboard feed settings on the right to verify the connection is set to serial
    • Click on the source from feed drop down to confirm the clock, score, period and other options are set to auto instead of manual
    • Start the clock from the controller, the data should show up on the UI and on the scorebug
    • The scoreboard notification on the base of the UI will show data ok to confirm its getting data from the controller

KB ID: DD4250819

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