Scoreboard recently updated to radios and is lagging, flickering, or blinking; Scoreboard still has existing wired communications installed.

Potential Symptoms

  • Scoreboard is flickering, lagging, or flashing while communicating wirelessly.
  • Scoreboards that aren't being connected to via the all sport are lighting.
    • IE, a scoreboard on broadcast 1 channel 01 is lighting despite the all sport not set to B1 C01 and instead communicating to a scoreboard on B1 C02.


  • Product Family: Sports Products
  • Product: Scoreboard
  • ComponentRadio receiver Gen 6
  • Control System: All Sport w/ radio (wireless)


  • Wired communications between the scoreboards is still in place causing scoreboards that shouldn't be lighting to light and to lag or flicker. 


  • Remove wired communications and signal wiring.

KB ID: DD4245315

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