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  • How to setup tvONE C2-2x55 Scaler


  • Product Family: Control System
  • Product: tvONE C2-2x55 Scaler


tvONE C2-2x55 Scaler Setup Instructions

The purpose of this guide is to configure a tvONE Corio C2-2x55 Scaler.  The typical scenario will be to set the Corio to accept a 720p HD-SDI source, scale it down to sign size, and output it DVI to a VIP-5160.  The CORI Control software can be installed from the included USB drive or from the tvONE website.  This software can be used to import existing configurations.  There are also instructions to manually configure the device.

Rear Panel:

Rear Panel.png

 Note: Depending on the model being used, some I/O connections may be missing.

Front Panel:

Front Panel.png

Import an existing Configuration:
  1. Download the CORI Control software from the included USB drive or tvONE website.
  2. Locate the configuration DD from the project SCD or other documentation.
  3. Change the IP settings as required.  (Default IP address is
  4. Open the CORI Control software and select the 'Connect to device over Ethernet' box.


5.  Enter the IP address of the scaler and press Connect.


6. Press the System Box and then press the 'Export or Import' box.


7. Select the import to unit option.  Select the Pick file to use box and browse for the configuration.  Click the Start button.  This process may take 5 to 10 minutes.


Manual Configuration:

If a configuration file was not provided use the following steps to configure the scaler manually.

  1. Enter the setup Menu, then System, Control, and Ethernet Settings.


2. Change the Mask, Address, and Gateway as needed.  Leave the Port at the default 10001.


3. Save the settings.


4. Verify that the Control setting is set to Ethernet.


5. From the Setup menu select Outputs, Video, Resolution.


6. Use the arrows to change the desired output resolution.  For VIP-5160s change the output to #31 for 1280x720 60Hz.


7. From the Home menu, select Live, then Primary.  Then select SDI to set the SDI port as the primary input.


8. While still in the Primary menu select View.


9. Select the Settings menu.  Then select the Sizing Mode and change it to Pixel.


10. Select IN 1920x1080 and use the arrow keys to adjust it to W 1280; H 720


11. Select OUT 1920x1080 and use the arrow keys to adjust it to the sign size (i.e. W 540; H 315).  This will set the device to scale the incoming 720p source to the display size.



The Corio scaler can be used to create custom EDIDs.  If the scaler needs to be connected to a VIP-5160 at 1440x900 a custom reduced blanking EDID is required.

  1. From the Coria Control Software select the Resolutions box.30.png
  2. Select "Add Custom Resolution."
  3. Use the settings in the following screenshot and press Update.
  4. Using the front panel of the scaler scroll to the output resolution menu and select the custom EDID.31.png

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