How do I create presentations with data using Show Control 2.18 or later?


  • How do I create presentation that will show NCAA LiveStats team stats?
  • How do I create presentations with data using Show Control 2.18+?
  • How do I create RTD presentation in Content Studio 2.0?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: 
  • Component: Data Studio, NCAA LiveStats for Volleyball (NLS), StatCrew XML, Genius Sports, NCAA LiveStats for Basketball (NLS)
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)
Daktronics Professional Services can assist you with configuring your system to display NCAA LiveStats.  If interested, please e-mail us at​.


This article explains recommended procedure for setting up and operating real-time data (RTD) formats from Data Studio and other approved interfaces.  For setting up presentations with data with Show Control version 17 or earlier, see: How do I create presentations with data in Content Studio?
  1. Determine your data layout
    1. Determine what displays will show real-time data and the type of information that is needed based upon the sources available. 
    2. It is helpful to create a background to visually aid design of the data frame. These backgrounds are often created in a seperate image rendering program and imported into Content Studio. 

  2. Log into Content Studio 2.0
    1. Login to Content Studio 2.0.  
    2. Click the Content Studio v2 desktop icon or Start > Daktronics > Content Studio v2 to launch the software.
    3. Click Log In. The default User Name and Password are already entered for the Content Studio Nucleus Server. 
    4. Log in to Content Studio with your User Name and Password for Venus® Control Suite.
  3. Create a Presentation
    1. Start a new presentation in Content Studio. 
    2. Add any formatting to the background of the presentation.  This can include adding text, or inserting a background image. For help on importing graphics- See How do I import images or videos into Content Studio, DD1995364,  or YouTube- Getting Started With Graphics).
  4. Add data elments
    1. Choose your Sport Profile from the Dynamic Data Library on the left hand side of Content Studio.
    2. For example, 'Sport Profile/Category: NCAA Volleyball: LiveStats
    3. Expand the Game Info folder to view the data elements.  
      1. For in-game home team stats - total aces, kills, digs, assists and blocks
        1. Navigate through the data tree structure to locate to HomeTeam/MatchStats.
           Data Studio NCAA VB_Dynamic Data Library2b.png
        2. Find the field you wish to insert as an RTD field, and click on the text & drag it into the presentation.
          Data Studio NCAA VB_home team player stats1a.png
          NOTE: If there is data present, a snapshot of that data will be used in your template. If not, it will pull in the description listed in bold. Adjust the Sample Data in the presentation if desired to different values (i.e. 888).

      2. Add the guest team stats. 

        1. Select the corresponding home team data fields in your presentation. 
          1. To select multiple elements, hold down the Ctrl key on the key board, and click on the elements you wish to multi-select. The element outline will brighten to indicate it is selected. 
        2. Copy the fields and paste them in the presentation. 
        3. Select the newly created elements and move them to the desired location.  
        4. With the elements still selected, navigate to the tool bar and change the Field Path to GuestTeam>TeamMatch Stats.
          Data Studio_ data elements.gif
  5. Complete and Save the Presentation.

    1. Click and drag other RTD fields that you wish to use in your presentation, and format appropriately.
    2. Save the presentation.

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