What plug-ins are required for Hy-Tek Meet Manager to interface with Daktronics timing systems?


  • What plug-ins for Hy-tek are available and typically used with Daktronics timing systems?


  • Product Family: Timing, Sports Product
  • Product: Omnisport 2000
  • Components: Hy-Tek Meet Manager
  • Control System:


The base version of Hy-Tek does not come with any plugins and does not allow for connection to a timing system (Omnisport 2000) or output athlete names for a matrix scoreboard. For these the following plugins are needed:

Timing Console Interface:

  • Allows Hy-Tek to integrate with a timing system (Omnisport 2000). This allows Hy-tek to send the meet to the timer and pull results back from the timer.
  • Timing interface.png

Alpha Scoreboard Interface:

  • Allows Hy-Tek to send athlete names to the timing console (Omnisport 2000) which then can send the info to a matrix scoreboard to be displayed.
  • Alpha Scoreboard interface.png

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