RTD lag or delay in content; DSRC source missing

Potential Symptoms

  • Content will show blank fields for 5-15 seconds when Display Studio button is pressed.
  • After RTD shows, button works normally until Vnet player is closed.
  • Data monitor shows data coming through immediately, but still not showing in RTD fields until after 5-15 seconds.


  • Product Family: Data Display, Control System, Sports Product
  • Product: DVX, DVN, Galaxy
  • Component: DMP-8000
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)


  • DSRC used for RTD is not a default source.
    • DMP will not open DSRC/port until content calls for it.


  • Add DSRC to Data Sources.
    • In web UI, navigate to Config>RTD.
    • Add necessary DSRC files to Selected sources.


KB ID: DD4230552

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