How to I prepare for SportApp scorebug operation?

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  • How to I prepare for SportApp score bug operation?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Livebook SportApps
  • Component:  
  • Control System: Livebook

Game Setup and Operation 

Preparing a score bug for a game includes:

  1. Click on INSERT EDITOR to set up the score bug with leagues and teams for a game.

While the game is in progress, operating the score bug through the SportApp® user interface is intuitive. While each SportApp includes sport specific features, this includes only those features that are applicable to any SportApp:

  1.  Take the score bug on or off air.
  2.  Choose network or sponsor logos to display with the score bug.
    sportapps scorebug sponsor.png
  3.  Add text messages, such as promos or statistics, to display on air.

KB ID: DD4213664

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