How do you Push Data from the Extended Results on Hy-Tek Machines?


  • How to send extended results data from a Hy-Tek machine to DMP-8000 controlled displays?


  • Product Family: Aquatics Timing 
  • Product: Hy-Tek
  • Components: Hy-Tek Meet Manager, DMP-8000, OmniSport
  • Control System: Show Control


  1. Data from the extended results Hy-Tek machine must be pushed using CTRL + F9, F10, F11 or F12

    • CTRL-F9: Team scores

    • CTRL-F10: Start list

    • CTRL-F11: Compiled results (heat 1 is top 8, heat 2 is 9-16, etc.)

    • CTRL-F12: Compiled results (event does not have to be completed)

  2. Use the Extended Hy-Tek Results fields from the dynamic data library in Content Studio when creating the sequence

KB ID: DD4200423

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