Longitude keeps changing to 0.000 randomly, VLMS bug

Potential Symptoms

  • When viewing GPS coordinates through VLink 1500 Management Studio (VLMS) the "Longitude" values appear to change to 0.000 at random.
  • GPS coordinates viewed in the "Xml" appear correct but the Longitude settings when viewed through the "Configuration" tab show "0.000".


  • Product Family: Billboards
  • Product: DB-1000, DB-2000, DB-3000
  • Component: VLink 1500, ValoPlay
  • Control System:


  • Bug in VLMS that populates the Longitude value with 0s upon connection to a VLink. 
    • This can include a VLink you are connecting to for the first time or a VLink that you are reconnecting to after either closing VLMS or connecting to a different site in between.


  • None.

For Temporary Operation

  • Verify correct GPS values are present in the Xml tab while being aware of the following behavior:
    • Despite showing as 0 for the Longitude value on the Configuration tab, the last set Latitude and Longitude values will be present in the Xml.
    • Changing the state of the "Enable Dimming" checkbox on the Configuration tab will populate the values present into the Xml. 
      • If 0.000 is present in the Longitude field while unchecking Enable Dimming you will have 0 values in the Xml upon sending configuration.
      • If Latitude shows correctly, you will need to enter in the correct Longitude values when checking Enable dimming to start GPS dimming (even if the correct value was in the Xml to start with, checking the box while showing 0.000 will overwrite it).
    • Setting Configuration while Longitude shows as 0.000 will not overwrite the Longitude value in the Xml.

KB ID: DD4193229

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