My mobile device with DAK Score app will not connect to an All Sport MX-1

Potential Symptoms

  • Mobile device will not connect to an All Sport MX-1
  • Mobile device returns to All Sport MX-1 device screen when trying to connect


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: All Sport MX-1, DAK Score app
  • Components: Galaxy Tab A with Android Version 5.1.1
  • Control System: Scoreboard with DAK Score control


  • Mobile device is not supported by All Sport MX-1.


  1. Navigate to the DAK Score app in the App Store or Google Play from your mobile device.  
  2. If you cannot locate it, your device is not compatible.
Compatible devices also can be found by searching for the app on a PC. The example below shows that the Samsung SM-T280 is not compatible.
Dak Score compatiblity.jpg
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is not compatible. Bluetooth® low energy implementation will not allow the device to communicate with an All Sport MX-1.

KB ID: DD4191782

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