Error when trying to delete content; xp_cmdshell disabled

Potential Symptoms

  • Receive the following error message when deleting content in Content Studio:
    • An error occurred while deleting the file.

Error Message (2).jpg


  • Product Family: Software
  • Products: Galaxy
  • Components: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Control Systems: Content Studio


  • Xp_cmdshell feature is disabled.


      1. Enable xp_cmdshell following article How do I enable "XP_cmdshell" feature for Microsoft SQL Server? DD3360274

    • Verify that .NET Framework 3.5 feature is installed or enabled.
    • If an error message is prompted that login user does not have sufficient privileges, all though customer is login as a local administrator.
      • Right click SQL Server Management Studio 2014.
      • Select Run as Administrator.

KB ID: DD4191542

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