How do I operate a soccer scoreboard with DAK Score?


  • How do I operate a soccer scoreboard with DAK Score?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: DAK Score app
  • Components:
  • Control System: Scoreboard with All Sport MX-1


  1. After connecting to the MX-1, tap the main menu button (Menu Button.png), and select Settings. Under Select Sport, ensure Soccer is selected, and then tap DONE.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the team scores, and use the + and – buttons to change the HALF.

    Soccer Basic.png
  3. Tap MORE to expose additional functions for controlling larger soccer scoreboards.

    Soccer Expanded.png
  4. By default, SAVES are set to be displayed on the scoreboard. To change this, tap SAVES and select Corner Kicks or Fouls instead.

    Soccer Stats.png
  5. Use the up and down arrows to set the number of SHOTS and SAVES, C. KICKS, or FOULS for each team.

Auto Horn

To enable/disable the Auto Horn function:

While the clock is stopped, tap the settings button (Clock Dots.png) next to the clock.

  • If the auto horn is disabled, tap Enable Auto-Horn.
  • If the auto horn is enabled, tap Disable Auto-Horn.


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