DMP-8000 Turns Off After Inactivity, Power Options Set to Hibernate

Potential Symptoms

  • DMP-8000 turns off after extended period of time.
  • Content not playing to the board despite Display Studio showing content playing from the DMP-8000.
  • After turning DMP-8000 on again, Windows prompts for password.
  • No errors in Event Viewer to explain shut down.


  • Product Family: Control Systems
  • Product: DMP-8401; DMP-8000
  • Component: Windows 10
  • Control System: VCS, Show Control


  • DMP was set to hibernate after 180 minutes in advanced power settings.


  1. Right-click on the Windows Start Button and select System.
  2. Once the Settings window opens, select Power & sleep from under the System heading.
  3. Click Additional power settings on the right side of the window under Related settings; this will open the Power Options window.
  4. Click Change plan settings next to the Daktronics power plan.
  5. Next click Change advanced power settings.
  6. Expand the Sleep option, then expand the Hibernate after option.
  7. Click 180 Minutes, highlight the current value and type Never.
  8. Click the Apply button, then OK.

For Temporary Operation

  • Have activity on the DMP-8000 before the hibernation time.

KB ID: DD4165174

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