How to enter a penalty to negate a return in DakStats Football


  • How do I enter a penalty after a kick or change of possession return?


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  • In the following example, we use a punt that was received at the 25 yard line and returned to the 35. A holding penalty on the return nullifies the return (returns the ball to the 25) and has a 10 yard penalty (taking the ball back to the 15).
  • The penalty is enforced from the end of the kick, so essentially the play ended at that point. The returner doesn’t get credit for the return and the tacklers don’t get credit for the tackle. Imagine the returner ran it back for a touchdown. That would be nullified, and the ball placed back on the 25 yard line (before the penalty is enforced) like the return didn’t even happen.
  • After you press ENTER for the 0 yard return, you enter a penalty by clicking “PENALTY.” In this case, you would select the “REPEAT DOWN AND TO GO,” as the penalty is enforced at the end of the 0 yard return and you will still have a 1st and 10 after the penalty is enforced. You enter it enforced at the 25 and Ball on the 15.
  • The penalty is not “attached” to the punt in any way; a penalty is never “attached” to a play like that. The penalty is enforced after the play is over. In DakStats, it enters it as a separate play, next to the 1-10.
  • See the NCAA Statisticians Manual for more information on how the stats work for plays like those.

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