How to transfer or save VFC-3000 configuration file


  • How to transfer VFC-3000 configuration file?
  • How to transfer configuration file using DFTP?
  • How to save config/configuration off of a VFC-3000?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: VFC-3000 controller
  • Components: DFTP software utility


  1. Download the DFTP utility this will be used to save the file.
  2. Follow DFTP download link
  3. Connect to the controller with DFTP follow How to connect using DFTP
  4. Select CONFIG.XML on the right side.
  5. Select arrow in the center and transfer it to desired file location on PC.
  6. To replace a config file on a controller select the CONFIG.XML on the right.
  7. Select Delete.
  8. Locate config file on the left and transfer it to the controller using the arrow in the center.
  9. Once the file is sent select Load from config>Issue Reset.
  10. The controller will then restart.

KB ID: DD4163412

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